June 8, 2021

Using horse sense keeps you safe

Safety is something a lot of people learn by accident.

There is no reason that a horse should be allowed to misbehave. It’s dangerous for you, and sometimes even for him. Some accidents are unforeseen, but most are caused because we humans took shortcuts or missed crucial steps in a horse’s training.

I require that my horses stand still for grooming and tacking up. Him dancing around means I could get stepped on.

​Mounting? HE MUST STAND STILL! Whoa means WHOA! It’s for your safety and his control that he doesn’t move a foot when you mount.

As you work with your horse, always be conscious of these two little words: “WHAT IF?” 

Examples: Looking ahead on a trail, anticipating possible problems, using creative and quiet ways to always remain in control.

Being forsightful is being best prepared.

​Exercise your horse prior to your ride by longeing or doing free work in an arena. 7 – 10 minutes at a steady trot and lope/canter usually does it. Do more if your horse’s energy level warrants. It is time well-spent! There are so many smart reasons to do this: get the excess energy out, study him for stiffness and soundness, warm up his muscles AND his mind, review voice commands, etc.

Riders who skip a decent warm-up pay the price in an overly-energetic horse and one who is not mentally ready to give 100% in obedience. 

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2022 Season

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“It’s so beautiful out here” are usually the first words I hear from our new visitors. And from our repeats, “I love riding here!”

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The Whoa

If he doesn’t whoa, then you’d better not go! Does your horse stop immediately? This is no doubt the most important basic command, as it means safety for both of you.


Groundwork sounds like a lot of effort, but it promises countless rewards! If your horse respects you when you’re on the ground, then he’ll know to obey you when you’re mounted.

Respect Your Capabilities

Let’s say you’ve schooled your horse only in an arena, and feel confident he will obey you in an intimidating situation. You’re ready to tackle the great outdoors! Here’s how to make it a positive experience.

Green Horse, Green Rider

Green on green makes black and blue! Translation: An untrained horse with an untrained rider is tempting fate. One of you needs to be smarter than the other!

Well Schooled

To efficiently handle obstacles, your horse must be well-schooled in fundamentals. Know your ABCs, and the rest of the alphabet as well!


There’s many a time we ask our horse to tackle an intimidating obstacle, one that he’s never seen before. Preparing well provides the confidence to accomplish it!

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