June 4, 2021

Ride with confidence
(even if you’re shaking in your boots!)

There’s many a time we ask our horse to tackle an intimidating obstacle, one that he’s never seen before. If you’ve given him a firm foundation in fundamentals, he will try to please you. Equally important when he realizes you’ll be patient, he can satisfy his curiosity.

​Keep your horse pointed head-on at the scary obstacle. Allow him to look. Hold him steady with your legs. Talk to him. BREATHE!  Bonus perk: when you talk to your horse, you HAVE to breathe!

Allow him to take his time to check it out.

When your horse has learned to trust that you won’t let him get hurt, you’ll also trust that he will obey in whatever situation. End result: you’ll both enjoy a wonderful time on the trail, certain that together, you can handle challenges.

Gaining confidence in each other’s abilities is the product of many hours. Time is well-spent in teaching basics, moving on to a little more difficult obstacles/maneuvers. There are so many rewards for your patience and effort!

Don’t feel like you’re back-tracking to review basics. Maintenance is always necessary for top notch performance in anything. And, as you two become a team, you’ll spend less time fine-tuning. And, that’s called efficient training!

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2022 Season

Perrydale Trails opens for its 10th season in May, 2022! Bring your horse to the real country and practice all kinds of obstacles.
Better yet, enjoy it all with your friends!


“It’s so beautiful out here” are usually the first words I hear from our new visitors. And from our repeats, “I love riding here!”

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Gift Certificates

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The Whoa

If he doesn’t whoa, then you’d better not go! Does your horse stop immediately? This is no doubt the most important basic command, as it means safety for both of you.


Groundwork sounds like a lot of effort, but it promises countless rewards! If your horse respects you when you’re on the ground, then he’ll know to obey you when you’re mounted.


Safety is something a lot of people learn by accident. Most of these mishaps are because we took shortcuts or missed crucial steps in training.

Respect Your Capabilities

Let’s say you’ve schooled your horse only in an arena, and feel confident he will obey you in an intimidating situation. You’re ready to tackle the great outdoors! Here’s how to make it a positive experience.

Green Horse, Green Rider

Green on green makes black and blue! Translation: An untrained horse with an untrained rider is tempting fate. One of you needs to be smarter than the other!

Well Schooled

To efficiently handle obstacles, your horse must be well-schooled in fundamentals. Know your ABCs, and the rest of the alphabet as well!

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