A Special Tribute

A Once-In-A-Lifetime Horse


1999 – 2013

The beautiful big black gelding you see prominently throughout this website is J.D. He loved trail and its challenges … but mostly he just loved to please me. Whatever I asked him to do, he was willing. We trusted each other infinitely. He has always been my SuperHorse …. and the horse of my lifetime.

My beloved J.D. died November 19, 2013. He had an unknown problem of the intestines that caused a severe colitis. His outward symptoms didn’t show at first how sick he really was. Under a vet’s care here at home the first 48 hours, he went rapidly downhill the third morning. At OSU, exploratory surgery was performed to see if there was any way to save him. Being no medical or surgical options possible, J.D. was euthanized. This type of severe colitis occurs quickly … there are no positive outcomes. J.D. was buried at home. He was born on this farm and lived his entire life here.

Only a miracle could have saved J.D.; what he had developed led to an unavoidable end. To hear the words, “there is nothing we can do” still ring in my ears. I was unbelieving and dumbfounded. We think we are living in the most highly technological times; medical practices should be able to save us all, right? But death catches us anyway, and often unprepared.

JD was 14. He was an Appaloosa, registered name is Fairly Honest Bandit. He was sired by Hadar’s Bandit and out of Fairly Honest (Lindy).

J.D. earned over $2500 in cash and prizes in trail competitions in the few years we showed. But more importantly, he won our hearts with his honesty and devotion. He always greeted us with a nicker and loved to be groomed. He’d try to wiggle his head in the halter first so he could be the one I’d ride that day. He was Mr. Personality, with a look on his face, “What shall we do today, Mom?” right after “How about scratching me right there?” And what a romantic guy he was: I loved feeling his warm breath on my face and his soft nose giving me kisses. Any kind of trail seemed his personal challenge, and he definitely let me know road-riding was boring. I’d have to stay alert because if he spied an obscure deer trail, off he/we went to check it out. I’ll even miss how he could somehow shake the bridle off his head. Good thing he liked hanging around us!

J.D.’s conformation was extremely well-balanced, resulting in athleticism and smooth gaits. His lope was incredibly comfortable, ground-covering and he could do flying changes every other stride. At 15.3h and 1400#, he could pivot in the tiniest area, climb anything, perform the most intricate of maneuvers and ford any water, all with the grace and ease of a true athlete. His intelligence and desire to please made him a supreme pleasure to handle. He made me so proud and thankful that I was the lucky girl who owned him.

And for my husband, Mike, J.D. was HIS trail horse. Through J.D., Mike learned to enjoy and love trail riding, which made it possible for us both to enjoy many years of memorable horse-camping trips. This gentle and dependable horse gave Mike the confidence that he – J.D., – would be the trusted and fearless companion who would carry him wherever and through whatever, no matter how many miles. To share those kind of wonderful adventures with an animal creates a very special love and admiration. I’d tease Mike on our camping trips that just for once, could I ride the Cadillac horse and he could ride the green one. Mike never wanted to trade :))

Of all the horses I have trained and owned, J.D. in many ways, gave me so much. Smart, brave, always trying his best for me ….. he loved me as much as I loved him. I will miss him forever.

The best of  “J.D.” (Fairly Honest Bandit) – a registered Appaloosa. Such a special horse ….

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