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May 2023   
Perrydale Trails is opening VERY soon! We’re mowing and setting up as fast as we can so all will be perfect for YOU! 
Most of our courses will be ready by this Memorial Day weekend, and I’ll allow a few visitors starting 5/27/23. June 1 will be our official opening for this season.
To schedule, please email, call, or use the form on the website. No Facebook messaging for scheduling; I do not check it that often. 
Re: our gates: I must brag on my husband of 49 years. Mike, builder and fixer of everything possible for me, designed and made our entry gates. I am so proud!
One of my fall jobs each season is updating my master list of visitors. I record you and your horse’s names and date(s) you came. It’s always interesting to read the variety of horse names. Here are some I’d like to share from 2022:
–We had a Billy The Kid, but no worries with Murphy and Zeus, former Portland police horses.
–The Indian nation was represented with Chief, Lakota, Shoshone, Comanche, Cherokee, and Tahaya.
–Aptly-named Spot showed up with what else, lots of spots.
–Rowdy, Bolt, Snort, and Bucky: yes, this is what people actually name their trail horses.
–Various animals: Cat and Mouse came, and fortunately not at the same time. There were two Gooses and two Mooses (Geese and Meese?)
–Nobility: Octavian, Morelious, Eowyn, Sebastian
–Constellation: Moon, Jupiter, Athena, Apollo
–Foreigners: Bjarne, Oluf
–The insect world: Bugs and Skeeter came; Spiderman had lunch.
–It was Tricky, but we even had a Monster visit.
–Zorro and Redford were here but darn, no Antonio Banderos or Robert.
–First place for this year goes to a young filly briefly owned by Cindy McCoy. Because of winter stabling problems, Cindy knew she wouldn’t be able to keep this cute mustang – she would be sold at the September challenge. To remind herself of the hard facts, Cindy named her mustang I.N.K.Y., translated to:
I’m Not Keeping You.

Meet your test pilots

Rest assured ALL Perrydale Trails obstacles are rigorously tested by experts! My four trail boys range in ages 7 to 25, and enjoy the challenges I dream up.

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Check out our gallery of all the fun Perrydale Trail riders have! We even have videos too. We try to take pictures of all our guests. These photos are emailed to you, and the best ones are saved for advertisement. Be on the lookout for you, your friends, and your horse in our gallery.


 “You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone” should be the rallying theme song for all trail riders. Learn how a 50 year organization is key to lobbying and protecting our precious horse trails. And why you should join …

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