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August 2023

Despite all the disappointing human news these days, most people are kind, generous, and hardworking folks. And I’m happy to say that Perrydale Trails visitors rate at the top!

 Here’s a most recent example: Dr. Stephanie Ramsey, DVM, camped and rode here with her family for a few days. On the tour, I noticed my little stuffed dog (by the tent obstacle), was missing an ear and was a bit ripped up. Don’t know what happened, but he definitely didn’t come out as Top Dog. I put it in the tent so there was no further damage, and figured I’d have to buy another one.

 The next day, Stephanie handed me the little dog, now sporting precise surgical repair. She had hiked down to the pond, found the ear, brought the dog back up to her camp, and stitched his owies neatly with her veterinary supplies. And now my little dog is back on duty!

 I adhere to this saying: “Don’t you believe that nice guys finish last. Nice guys are winners before the game even starts.”

 Thank you so much, Dr. Stephanie!


September 2023
Here’s 76 year old Jo Weable on her beloved 22 year old mare, Shammy. Jo’s visited here many times. She declared we’ll have a celebration next year. “Why?” I asked. Jo replied with a big smile, “We’ll total 100 years!”
We always need goals!

August 2023

Rachel Macdonald was preparing her three-year-old mustang for the upcoming Teens and Oregon Mustang competition. “Boyfriend” had his first visit to Perrydale Trails today. How did he get that name? She paused saddling to tell me the story. It seems Rachel had been in a long-time relationship, but the boyfriend didn’t work out to be THE ONE. So Rachel went out and got herself a new Boyfriend.

So typical of us horse girls!

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Rest assured ALL Perrydale Trails obstacles are rigorously tested by experts! My four trail boys range in ages 8  to 26, and enjoy the challenges I dream up.

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 “You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone” should be the rallying theme song for all trail riders. Learn how a 50 year organization is key to lobbying and protecting our precious horse trails. And why you should join …

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