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9/12/22 Morgan Warner recently brought her Endo, the blind horse, to visit Perrydale Trails. I rode my horse, Gunner, who still has his eyes, is blind also. Morgan and I decided to do a couple of special photo ops to show off our very unique and well-trained horses. No show has ever offered a synchronized log-crossing obstacle, but I bet we’d win!
It took a few tries to get both horses to take the first step at the same time.
Now, Morgan and I consider ourselves good trainers, but admittedly, we did not tell these horses to use the same front leg!
Many thanks to Michelle Campbell for setting up the ride day AND for taking our pictures.
9/11/22: For the past two days, I have been in awe.
80 year old Sarah Burge and her 76 year old sister, Mary Baker, have been camping and riding here. Best friends always, they’ve shared their lives together. They hail from Washington, and are active members of the Washington Trail Riders Association.
So you’re thinking, big deal: a couple of older ladies who still like to ride. They probably need help to saddle, can hardly mount, get lost on the trails, and why are they horsing around at their age, etc. ….
No, no, no! These women are real adventurers! Since toddlers, they’ve ridden horses. They participate every year in a pioneer/wagon train re-enactment. Just this year, they traveled to ride and camp at Yellowstone, and enjoyed trails at the Redwoods on the way home. Besides riding and camping with horses all summer long, they kayak, ride quads, and hike.
In the winter, they snowmobile, snowshoe, and travel.
Sarah has been a freight truck driver, a log truck driver and to me, scariest of all: a school bus driver. Mary and her husband have traveled the world, and boasts of swimming at the Galapagos Islands.
Their warm personalities make it feel like you’ve known them forever. For me, their lives are a real inspiration. Ride ’em, cowgirls!
So long, y’all …
it’s that time of fall …
Thank you to our 400+ visitors this season, our 10th year. We are grateful for your business, your friendship, your kindness.
You make us happy!

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